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Alpha widows. by Womencantlove

In yet another reason to avoid committing to women, we have the "alpha widow"

An alpha widow is a woman that has experienced deep feelings of satisfaction because of a man in her past. This satisfaction naturally dulls her ability to form deep meaningful bonds with another man, as the cloud of satisfaction provided by the "alpha" is destined to perpetually loom over the relationship.

Most women today are alpha widows. This is a fact. Women's modern sexual strategy, taking birth control and seeking out hyper masculine men who will not commit to them when they are young [you-go-girl] and then seeking out a "more stable", less attractive provider male as they age, demands consequence. Proud as modern women may be to be sluts, they are all ashamed of being alpha widows. Lol. They will hide their past experiences to manipulate Mr Provider into commitment, knowing in their hearts that most men could not even tolerate the mere idea of another man deeply satisfying his wife, let alone more than he is capable. So what do women do? THEY LIE. Dont be surpised, this is the same person who feels legitimately better about herself after faking her appearance by painting her fucking face. Look at the comments in the links Ive posted. Whats the number one response to the alpha widow from other women? "Dont tell Mr Provider". They are not telling her this to "spare his feelings", lol, they are instructing her to avoid the telling him the real truth because they know he will leave her. Think about this. Realize what this means and how women see men.

Women do not care about men. They have an absolutely minimal appreciation for our feelings and the meanings of our lives. All they care about is whatever fleeting emotion is dominating their consciousness and feeling socially secure from the opinions of other women, but i digress. Your feelings as a man, the legitamacy of your feelings in the relationship, the meaning of your fucking life…..are all ultimately irrelevant to women, who will secretly masturbate and pine for the alpha male who traumatized their vagina all while voluntarily influencing her man to erroneously believe he's the real stud, manipulating his will into erroneously believing that he is providing for a woman who respects him as a "real man" – A shell of an existence and a lie of a life. But do you think she cares? Lol.

Settling down with an alpha widow, even merely dating one is clearly a life mistake. All is fair in love and war; understand that women will do whatever it takes to get the outcome they desire. They will tell you you are her favorite lover, that you are the biggest, that you are the only man to make her cum – its all bullshit: they will all say whatever it takes when they are trying to lock down a fucking provider. Awalt. Ive seen heartbroken dudes throughout almost every phase of my life. Guys wondering why their wife is so demanding, why she can never cums from piv, how she could move on so fast with another man, ect. – She's an alpha widow, she needs that high again.

The best move is not to play. Dont be Mr Provider, commiting, slaving away your life to buy things to impress or satisfy a woman who will always secretly lust after another man whom she likely gave her best to when she wouldve never even considered you. Its not worth it.

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